Speak life into the situation
The Lord said my people perish for lack of knowledge
But what happens when they do have the knowledge
They do have the understanding
But they don’t apply wisdom to their lives

I cry continually
I cry for these situations
Father God I bow to you
I exalt you
I don’t just want to ask you for things that I need
I need to thank you for being you

Father forgive them for they know not what they do
Forgive me Father , I repent Father
I don’t want to come off as holier than thou
But is it wrong to keep preaching of change

Some say that God will change them
I agree with that statement to a point
But the thing is
Faith without works is dead
If you just sit in sin and say God will change me
And you don’t make a move to change
To show that you want to and you’re trying to
With Gods help
Nothing’s gonna change

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