forgive me for being the devils witness

lord god almighty i come in your courts today to ask forgiveness for testifying against my brother for lord god almighty i know that I should be standing in the gap for my brother/sister but i have said things that the enemy could use against my brother/sister in your courtyard, wash me with the blood of the lord Jesus Christ so i can now become a defender of my brother/sister, standing in the gap on their behalf so that your mercies can be extended to them for the scales have covered his/her eyes and need someone to stand in the gap, one with vision one with no scales around their eyes one chosen by you lord god almighty, for the enemy roams the earth looking at the righteous to find a accusation to take to your courts lord god almighty, for you are bound by your words, you cannot go against your words for the enemy uses your word to victimize your people, for we are weak lord god almighty for our very nature goes against your word therefore we know not when we are persecuted by the devil so that he could take us to court and earn a right to affect our life for i ask lord have mercy on us all for you are god all by yourself, you are the beginning and the end, strengthen your gap holders lord so we can stand in your righteousness and discern the enemy strategies to affect our gap holding which will give him power to accuse us and the victim more, thank you lord god almighty, hear this prayer oh god and let your will be done, for our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come let your will be done on earth as it is heaven in Jesus name i pray AMEN.

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