Lord GOD thank you for this breath of life you having giving me  for I worship you oh lord GOD for great is your name and mighty is your power lord GOD I ask humbly in the name of Jesus Christ that you forgive me for my sins and deliver me from my strong holds for there is nothing that is impossible for you lord GOD almighty for I say any door that have been opened for the enemy to enter my life I close it right now in Jesus name and any evil spirits that entered my life through these door I say to you burn to ashes I send the fire of GOD upon you right now in Jesus name for great are you lord GOD almighty for you created the heavens and the earth and everything that dwell on them for heaven is your throne and earth is your footstool through Jesus Christ my savior you gave me dominion over all the works of darkness in Jesus name I say come out of me now for whoever the son sets free is free indeed therefore I am free I seal this prayer in the blood of Jesus in Jesus name I pray AMEN