setting the day

morning prayer

heavenly father I thank you for the breath of life you have given unto me this day, for great is your name and mighty is your power

For it is a privilege to be alive, in the name of the Lord JESUS CHRIST I declare that today will be a day of peace, I receive all my blessings for this day

Let your will be done in my life for today Lord GOD almighty, for I live to worship you, I live to do your will, I ask in the name of the Lord JESUS CHRIST  that whatever you have written in my destiny book for today let it be done, not according to my will but according to yours Lord GOD almighty

For if today is my last day on this planet lord GOD I ask that you wash me with the blood of the Lord JESUS CHRIST, that I may be worthy to enter thy kingdom, worthy to stand before your throne

For you are the alpha and the omega, you know the beginning and the end, for you are the I am that I am, the redeemer of the Israelites, the only GOD, for who you are lord GOD almighty I worship your name

For who you are I kneel before you and say worthy is the lamb that was slain, for with his blood he saved all men

In the name of the lord JESUS CHRIST  I pray



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