spiritual blindness

have you ever wondered how the unrighteous ones think and how they see things? yes I know we all were sinners before, but as sons and daughters of GOD don’t it really puzzle you on the blindness of the world, the way they go about their personal life like there will always be a tomorrow.

Although all the signs a there, they seem not to see the destruction ahead; the sad thing about it is some do see the dangers ahead but tend to deny the reality of the second coming of our LORD and SAVOIR JESUS CHRIST.

Don’t it trouble you when you see people lives in bondage, and even though you try showing them the way out with the word of GOD, they reject it and say they’re not about that religious thing, don’t it burden your heart to see and hear the blindness of those people.

You say in your mind why cant they just believe, why don’t they just understand what is going on, why don’t they just give their life to GOD and do his will, so their life would be better, joy and peace would be with them, you see we all have those whys; but the word of GOD says “not everyone who says to me, lord, lord will enter the kingdom of heaven.

As long as you show them the way or make available GODs word to them it is up to them now to make that decision, whether they want to remain blind or believe and be set free from all their bondages. cause on judgement day when the lord will ask them, when I sent my servant to you to deliver you out of your transgressions what did you do, they will say lord I, I ,I and would regret rejecting the word.

Play your part in making the gospel available to everyone, for GOD didn’t open our spiritual eyes so that we could see for ourselves only but also to share the light with those who are blind. share it with them, don’t force it upon them because the word of GOD says neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only GOD who makes things grow.

Don’t try in your own strength to make someone a believer, plant the  word of GOD inside them, just by informing and explaining it to them and put your hope in GOD, for what you plant inside that person or people to grow and produce good fruit, for he is the grower, only GOD can make the change.


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