Destroying wolves



Lord God almighty you a loving God for there is no man who’s love extends as yours, have mercy upon me father the God of heaven and all things, remove the darkness that surrounds me for father I am a sheep amongst wolves, only by your protection and guidance I live to see a next day for the wolves seek to devour me night and day they try to take me away from thy word and thy commands, although I sometimes listen to their voices I ask for forgiveness father, only unto your voice the inhabitants of this earth must listen to for you created all things both in heaven and on earth, therefore all praise,honor and worship belongs to you oh lord God whos face no man can see, for the enemy waits in dark places where no man eyes can see, waiting on your sons and daughters to fall so he might devour them but you father are God all by yourself for the enemy cannot devour your people if we follow your commands and ways, even though he pursue us day and night he will not prevail for greater is he that is withing me than he that is of the world, thank you lord God almighty for breath of life it’s a privilege to be alive, let your will be done in me, our father who art in heaven hollowed be thy name thy kingdom come lead me not into temptation in Jesus name I pray


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