Spirit pray



lord God almighty for there is nothing that can be given unto you because you created all things, for you have no counselor, no man knows what you so desire for you are the kings of kings and lords of lords, I pray today father to ask that you enable the Holy Spirit to pray for me when I’m unaware of the dangers I face, for father my vision and understanding are limited but you oh God is a unlimited God for you know all things, for you know what my future holds for me, you sent me on this earth to do your will, give me no rest father unless I’m doing what you so desire, fill me with your spirit father that it may intercede for me in prayer, thank you lord God almighty for the breath of life you have given unto me for it is by grace I pray to you today hear my prayer oh lord God almighty and let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven in Jesus name I pray


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