Put God first


father as I humble myself before you I say forgive me for putting any detestable thing before you, for I gave my body away to the darkness and was blindfolded I forgot your laws and commands, I ask father that you wash me with the blood of Jesus Christ so that I may be worthy to serve in your kingdom, I repent from all my sins, fill me father with desire,love,patience,gentleness and humbleness that I may not turn back to my evil ways, take away all my destestable things father that I may not arouse your anger against me, give unto me lord what is mine the things that will encourage me to put you first and to give unto you all that is due to you, for when the Israelites took up false gods your anger burned against them and you made their enemies overcome them in all ways, for I ask humbly father for mercy, have mercy upon my soul lord God almighty let not my enemies overcome me lest they should make me worship false gods, thank you for breath of life father, for let your will be done in my life in Jesus name I pray


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