To Walk With God-Lust Or Temptation

“It’s just a little dirt, it’s just a little stain, trust me you’re still worth it”- Lecrae

Temptation happens to us all. Do not think for a second that you being a Christian would change that fact. Being a Christian would actually enhance your troubles in this department. Picture this, the impure thoughts you had when you weren’t a christian becomes 1000 times worst when you decide to take the right path.

The thing is, the only way you’d get through this, is with Patience and Prayer. The word of the Lord specifically says cast our burdens/troubles unto HIM. The truth shall set us free. So if you are truthful to GOD, and you let him know that you’re struggling with this, then he’ll be there for you in more ways than one.

We as human beings were naturally born with deceitfully wicked hearts and we need the Holy Spirit to come into our lives and cleanse us from the inside out. When you become Saved the Holy Spirit is in you and with you at all times, so just go to GOD in prayer.

He’ll be there for you, He was there for you, and He is there for you. Just trust in HIM and everything will be fine.

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