Christian Life

I can honestly say that being a Christian in itself is quite challenging I suppose. Sometimes you feel the need to revert to your old ways and have the false sense of comfort it normally gave you. What most Christians should understand is that “change takes time”. Even if you woke up this morning and you decided you’d change, it’d take time for you to set into a new routine, a new mindset, keeping in mind that GOD should be first, I dare say “the center of it all.”

I know for a fact that it takes time, to get used to being the person you’re meant to be and fulfilling GOD’s purpose for your life. I’m not going to say that it’s easy because it isn’t (most good things aren’t) but think about it this way, when you love doing something, you have the motivation to do it. If you’re continually motivated to pick up your bible, do your daily devotions, have a little prayer and worship, you’ll begin to get into the routine and soon enough you won’t know what it was like having not done these things before now.

Remember to always put GOD first in all that you do. Say a short prayer before you make an important decision, write an exam, make a choice. It’s that simple to talk to GOD. The Holy Spirit is with you at all times, all you need to do is learn to acknowledge that fact. Learn to ask for confirmation, even if you feel that this task, this goal, this accomplishment, is set for you. Remember that GOD is the author and finisher of all things. You can’t publish a book if you don’t have the express consent of the author so why try to make decisions without honoring the LORD’s opinion?

It’s not hard at all to talk to the Lord, it’s even as simple as saying these words: “Father God, I thank you for your continued grace and mercy. Father GOD, I come to you with an open heart, an open mind and I ask Father GOD that you please grant me wisdom and clarity, to make decisions that will fall in line with your will for my life. Father, please lead me in the right direction. Please guide my steps, Lord. Amen.

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