The anointed

being a critical part of Gods kingdom and not being aware of it can make life fill and look very difficult. When we are unaware of our purpose and anointing we become vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy, where he will lead us to the wrong paths and advice us to take the wrong decisions. Lets put the enemy on hold and lets talk about the anointed and God, you see sometimes we blame the enemy for every single thing that goes wrong in our life and don’t realize sometimes God himself is preventing us from being successful because the plan or career or decision we made is not aligned with our purpose or anointing. God has specifically choose us to advance his kingdom on this earth and has given us everything we need, also he has set a path for each and everyone of us, so it is not always the enemy preventing us from doing or getting something in life. The sooner you know your purpose and anointing life becomes easier, that is if you use your anointing the way God the most high instruct you to, on the other hand some of the anointed ones become successful but life seems to be stressful and confusing. This happens when the lord God placed you somewhere or gave you something and instructed you on how to use what he gave you to advance his kingdom or he told/showed you why he placed you there, but you disobeyed God by not fulfilling the task that he commanded you to do, but instead you use the lord God almighty resources for your worldly desires. Being unaware that the task God gave you could have or would have save a great number of people lives from the attack of the enemy, you also could have been an answer to someones problem or difficulties. Since you didn’t obey Gods instructions and use his resources for your own desires, people lives became terrible their problems became worse to the point where a person or people couldn’t bear the pain anymore and committed suicide. Children of God we are the anointed ones God have chosen us, because we a very important part in the body of Christ Jesus. God has anointed us in many different ways and placed us where we will function to the best of our abilities in the body of Christ jesus, when we are doing Gods purpose for our life nothing will be a problem on this earth for God will supply all our needs. Thank you lord God almighty.

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