Spiritual gift

thank you lord for watching over me, as I examine myself lord I realized that I am unaware of my spiritual gift, forgive me father if I have taken any wrong path which do not lead in your will for me, I ask father that you increase my knowledge, increase my understanding so I may know my spiritual gift I am asking because i desire to use the special gift that you have given unto me to do your will for my life, for I know father you have given me this gift to help your kingdom for you have given each and every one of your people a special gift so that we may function properly in the body of our savior Christ Jesus, for I know father that it is very important to function in the right place, for if we are operating in the wrong place the body will not function as it suppose to, fill me with unity and love so that I may be able to work with others and not have any selfish ambition inside me, thank you lord God for showing me my spiritual gift for you are great no one can stand before you, for every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is lord in Jesus name I pray


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