Claiming plunder



mighty God I bless your name for you are faithful, for there is none like you I come before you in the name of our lord Christ Jesus I ask that you deliver me from my enemies, let your fire devour any impure spirit dwelling in my body, for I ask in the name of Jesus to summon mighty Angels of war to go the places where the enemy is storing up my finances, health and breakthrough blessings I ask father that the Angels put to the sword all the dark spirits guarding those places, lord God almighty if I find favor in your sight use me in anything you so desire for I am yours and you are my master therefore I will praise you oh lord for you are my rock and my savior for there is no other God like you for when I was a rebellious servant still you protected me even when I didn’t care still you was patient with me I say thank you lord for you are faithful, you are the alpha and the omega the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for you are not the God of the dead but the God of the living in Jesus name I pray


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