light the way


father i ask that you light the way you designed for my life, lord God i have realised that i cannot succeed on  my own but with you lord God almighty everything is possible, for there is no mountain or high wall you can’t make fall to the ground, for you are the creator of all things, for in you father there is no darkness, without your breath father i wouldn’t be alive today, if i have taken the wrong path father the path that will lead to my own destruction, remove me from that path lord and set me on the right path, the path that will allow me to recieve favor in your sight lord God almighty for i ask humbly father that you cleanse me from all darkness that i have allowed in my life cleanse me with the blood of christ jesus, fill me with your spirit father that it may dwell in me to create fear of disobeying your word lord God almighty, instill in me new ideas  and knowledge man cannot possibly think, continue guiding and protecting me lord God almighty in jesus name i pray



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