Glorifying God



Lord god almighty I pray today to glorify your name for you a awesome God, honor, power and might belongs to you, for your love endures forever, lord god you are merciful even when your people go astray, thank you lord for all you have done in my life and all your people lives for in you we can trust father for you will never leave as nor forsake us, for you created the heavens and the earth father even when your people didn’t care you was patient till they came back into your arms for you protect your people in every situation not letting us suffer greatly from the evil one schemes I say thank you lord GOD almighty for you love your people so deeply that you gave us dominion over everything for without you father we are nothing for you are the author of power, worship, strength, faith, life, blessings and everything that is holy for father we know that no matter the situation we face you gonna work it for our good at this point father I say if there’s anything in me that is unpleasing to you take it out of me in Jesus name I pray


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