Prayer for healing

LORD  I have needs in my physical body the temple you chose for me to dwell in the temple you have chosen to dwell in by your Holy Spirit if I have followed false gods and practice idolatry or any unholy thing forgive me lord god almighty wash me with the blood of Jesus Christ of such wicked way and empower me to cleanse my soul and my physical temple of wrong desires

LORD I ask you to confront my soul with any area that I am denying you even as I am loosing denial from myself and seeking truth I bind the inward parts of my being my mind and emotions to your truth at any cost to my soul I loose any resistance my soul has to any area of your word Holy Spirit be a watchman on the wall if I stumble or turn aside from walking in the will of the father sound a warning in whatever way is necessary to quickly reveal my error

i loose strip and destroy the power and hold of this infection or disease in my body I loose strip and destroy the reproductive cycle of this organism I loose any wrong beliefs any wrong attitudes or any bitterness in my body I ask you to reveal any other sources of access that are in me in Jesus name I pray



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